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Our Vision

Mosaic College Ministry (MCM) is committed to serving college students in Tallahassee as they Discover Christ, Connect in Christian Community, and Serve Others and the World. Through Christ-centered fellowship and Bible study, our college church ministry desires to help students develop an authentic relationship with Jesus and one another.

Get Plugged In

College is an incredible opportunity to build life-long friendships within a faith community. We strongly encourage students to get involved in a campus ministry through which students can connect with their peers. While there are many Christ-centered campus ministries available in Tallahassee, we especially recommend Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship (XA) and the Navigators at Florida State University.

In addition to campus groups, getting plugged in to a local Bible-based church is vital to growing in Jesus. A local church offers what a church campus ministry cannot: inter-generational discipleship and community. For that reason, many of our “Small Groups” are open to people of all ages, from college students, graduate students, to married couples to retired men and women, and meet in multiple locations throughout Tallahassee.

We invite you to reach out and get plugged into our college ministry, or a Tallahassee college church, both on and off campus!

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What's Coming Up

Hey Tallahassee students! Here are some events to get involved in at Mosaic Church!

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